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Re: [CQ-Contest] Proposed contest rules

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Proposed contest rules
From: Joe <nss@mwt.net>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 11:44:42 -0500
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What happened to being able to make a note to oneself to fix a typo that yiu know you did but you don't want to screw up the rythym of a good run so you make a note on a piece of paper so you can fix the typo later?

Now that is not allowed?

And this recording stuff like Hank said. This is probably no doubt a result of the TO7A happening.

My opinion is the only way to fix is NOT by punishing every contester for what ONE station that got caught did. By making everyone that is serious record. Are we all guilty before being proved innocent now?

How about actually punish the law breaker. What I hear he got as punishment is not even a slap on the wrist. The peer embarrassment is stronger that what he got from the sponsors. But of course if he doesn't care what anyone thinks then his punishment is even less.

He needs to at the least be not eligible for any rankings in the following year. I\d say he can participate, but in a Probationary class of entry and in the results also posted as his entry in probationary class just as a reminder to everyone else what he did and why he can't compete.

The punishment needs to fit the offense. if there isn't any strong punishment, what is to cause anyone else to not cheat?

On 5/23/2015 10:42 PM, KQ2O via CQ-Contest wrote:
Personally I have never understood why the rules (or before rules, the 
opinions) treat post contest (let alone during contest) editing of logs before 
submission as a no-no. not talking about padding of course, but correcting 
typos. I always thought the contest was about how many folks you could work as 
well as multipliers and related strategy - NOT about your typing skills. Seems 
to me if you notice an error in your log after the contest (or during), you 
should fix it so it conforms to what you actually did during the contest, who 
you REALLY worked or the REAL exchange, not leave the wrong info in the log.

besides affecting your score, plus penalties, failure to fix a simple logging 
error also penalizes the guy on the other side of the qso who did nothing 
wrong! he/she gets a NIL + penalty.

as for recording the contest, seems to me we are going way overboard on "security". this 
is a fun hobby not a life and death operation. can't help but think this comes from the TO7A 
debacle. I think imposing another requirement on very many contesters when only a very few are 
cheaters is foolish, especially since the cheaters always find workarounds - e.g. excess power, 
remote receivers, etc., none of which are detectable, ordinarily, to continue on their ways. 
probably will figure out how to workaround the recording as well. would make much more sense to 
impose stronger "punishment" when someone is caught cheating - e.g. TO7A type cheater 
should be banned for life from all contests run by same sponsor (and maybe other sponsors would 
;piggyback), and have any prior submissions retroactively DQed, and records expunged. lesser 
offenses would have appropriate penalties.

as an aside, seems like the log reviewers are very expert at what they are 
doing even without recordings, and have developed fine technology to detect 
rule breaking. they are to be commended.

Hank  KF2O
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