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[Karlnet] speed issue

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Subject: [Karlnet] speed issue
From: "Dan Metcalf" <dan.metcalf@wbsysnet.com>
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Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:30:59 -0400
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I have an interesting issue.  Our primary feed is fed via 10Mbps
switched Ethernet port(capped at 1.5mbps).  I have an x-over cable from
the 10Mbps switch port into the WAN router.  The wan router has 4
10/100Mbps ports and I have an karlnet based rg1000 connected to that
port.  The rg1000 is a "satellite" for a wavepoint II (has bnc connector
on it) on radio A.  Radio B is a "satellite" for an ap1000.  

I'm never able to get the full 1.5Mbps (183K/sec). unless I'm plugged
into the wan router.

Any ideas?

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