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Re: [Karlnet] speed issue

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Subject: Re: [Karlnet] speed issue
From: "Norm Young" <npyoung@applegatebroadband.net>
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Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:03:14 -0700
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What do you have the xmit rate set on in the wavepoint and the rg?  If you
are set at the "low" 1Mbps setting, you will see this problem.  If your
signal strength is sufficient, set it up to 5.5 or 11 Mbps.


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Subject: [Karlnet] speed issue

> I have an interesting issue.  Our primary feed is fed via 10Mbps
> switched Ethernet port(capped at 1.5mbps).  I have an x-over cable from
> the 10Mbps switch port into the WAN router.  The wan router has 4
> 10/100Mbps ports and I have an karlnet based rg1000 connected to that
> port.  The rg1000 is a "satellite" for a wavepoint II (has bnc connector
> on it) on radio A.  Radio B is a "satellite" for an ap1000.
> I'm never able to get the full 1.5Mbps (183K/sec). unless I'm plugged
> into the wan router.
> Any ideas?
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