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[CQ-Contest] WPX debate

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX debate
From: CP2235@aol.com (CP2235)
Date: Thu Apr 16 05:10:59 1998
Ill say it once again,

if all you really want is to level the playing field for contesters IN THE USA
then introduce your shortened contest hours IN THE USA only. Seems very
logical to me. It has even already been pointed out by several (K1VUT was
first) how that could be done without changing the rules.

Why should the rest of the world have less hours only because you want a
"level" playing field in the USA? I understand all your thoughts but please
DONT reduce the hours for everybody.

And I dont really bite for the argument that young/new contesters are not
entering the WPX because they have no chance to win. When you are new to
contesting you have no chance to win ANYWAY. In my opinion you are starting to
enter contests for the fun of it, not because you have a chance to win. And in
my opinion you are more likely to enter a fun weekend that has full 48 hours
not reduced time! That way you can decide for yourself when the fun stops (and
you go to sleep) or when you want to go for the full distance. 

Introduce a (voluntary) limited hour class. Somehow. But please dont force it
on everyone.

73 Con DF4SA             Cornelius Paul           CP2235@aol.com

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