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[CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"

Subject: [CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L Martin)
Date: Wed Apr 2 09:39:59 2003
> agreed Bill,
> 80% of my time in this contest was S&P mode  and I had to wait
> 2-3 minutes sometimes to find out the callsign!
> Another bad behaviour of callers is to use only their last two letters...

I had only a couple of people toss out their last-two during the contest.

In those few cases and where there was only the one station calling, I said

After about four or five go-rounds with them (don't they ever get a
clue????), I would finally say "Use the callsign issued you by your
regulating authority"....


then the full callsign.

In one case, the yl was clearly miffed, but she gave me her exchange

dale, kg5u

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