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[CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"

Subject: [CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"
From: aa4lr@arrl.net (Bill Coleman)
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:01:52 2003
On 4/2/03 3:35 PM, Ed Kucharski at k3dne@adelphia.net wrote:

>I've heard that some dx stations use this technique as pile-up 
>management  - supposedly it thins the pile - but I too find it frustrating. 
>I spend a lot of time saying "what's your call?" which probably makes the 
>pile-up even more confusing.

I'm not talking about experienced operators using a technique to help 
speed through a bunch of callers. I'm talking about run of the mill 
operators who have the mistaken belief that not giving their callsign 
somehow saves them time.

The urge to ask for the callsign is great. I'm trying to discipline 
myself to just call the station anyway, and immediately ask him for his 
callsign before I give him my exchange. 

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