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[CQ-Contest] QRZed - guess again

Subject: [CQ-Contest] QRZed - guess again
From: lyndon@orthanc.ab.ca (Lyndon Nerenberg)
Date: Wed Apr 2 17:16:53 2003
>Nice thought, but not that simple.  Many competent operators use this
>technique to reduce the size of their pileup.  Your going away has just made
>it easier for the competent operator to copy one of the other 5 people
>calling who already know who he is.

I've never found that to be necessary. I guess I don't generate big
enough pileups ;-) I'll buy this argument for a rare DXpedition, but the
two scenarios aren't comparable. For a DXpedition, everyone knows who it
is. That's rarely the case during a contest. Yes, you can use the
cluster to guess who it is, but that's not always accurate. If the
spotted station abandons the spotted frequency, someone else can park
there and "QRZ" away making Qs with stations who think they're working a
rare prefix, but eventually discover that all they bagged was another K6.

>So, though you say above "the QRZer just lost a contact" what really
>happened is this: The QSO was, unbeknownst to you, put off until a slower
>period to his advantage.

That depends on how often I sweep the band looking for multipliers. If
I can sustain a run I'm not moving anywhere (assuming that I'm scoring
new multipliers at a reasonable rate).

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