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[CQ-Contest] QRZed - guess again

Subject: [CQ-Contest] QRZed - guess again
From: geoiii@kkn.net (George Fremin III)
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:36:43 2003
There have been a number of posts to this list recently 
saying that there is no reason for stations to ever 
just say QRZ or Thanks at the end of a contact.  

Indeed many posters are of the opnion that everyone must
sign their callsign each and everytime with the possible 
exception of some super rare DX outside of a contest. 

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that you 
should make a list of these offenders and make a point
of never working them again. 

At the risk of getting on the "offender" list I will confess 
that there are times during every contest that I will 
end a contact with a simple QRZ or Thanks or TU.  
I do this from the rare state of Texas - by no means rare DX.

If this operating technique is used with care and skill I 
think you will find your contest scores can benefit.

I too have been annoyed by the operators who rarely send 
their callsigns - in fact as recently as this past weekend
but most of the time I find it is the inexperiance of many 
of those operators that causes us to be annoyed with 
their attempted use of a very useful contest technique.

The very skilled operators use this technique many times
during a contest weekend but because they usually know when 
and how to use it with great skill and advantage to both 
themselves and their callers - it is hardly noted that 
they are not signing their callsigns after each contact
during the contest period. 

Several years ago during a thread very much like the current one
N6AA made a post to CQ-Contest on this subject. 
He has some very good thoughts on this topic.

You can find it here:


George Fremin III - K5TR

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