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[CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"

Subject: [CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"
From: k4sb@earthlink.net (K4SB)
Date: Wed Apr 2 18:30:56 2003
Dale L Martin wrote:
> > Another bad behaviour of callers is to use only their last two letters...

Well two points here, and I completely agree with Dave in his entire
post. These "last 2" 
callers have been taught their bad habits from super inflated egos
running "list lizard"

On the other hand, we gotta recognize that they are attempting to
become contesters and we must encourage that. Perhaps the answer is to
sacrifice our rate to explain to them the problem in a nice way.

Or you could do as my neighbor K4CY, alias 9K2ZZ does and log them
just as they sent their call. You'd be surprised how many 2 letter
calls Bob has in his log. So, if you sent your call as "Alpha Zulu",
be sure your request for a QSL has that call printed on it.


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