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[CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"

Subject: [CQ-Contest] No more "QRZed?"
From: lyndon@orthanc.ab.ca (Lyndon Nerenberg)
Date: Wed Apr 2 12:27:56 2003
>This sort of poor operating technique makes me want to crawl through the 
>radio and throttle the guy on the other end. I wish there were a rule 
>that stated operators had to send their callsign for every QSO, or if 
>they used QRZ, they would have to use it in conjunction with their 

Sshhhh -- don't tell them that signing their call every time will
increase their run rate by about 20%.[1]

It's easy to see why. If, while in S+P mode, I hear QRZ twice, I spin
the dial. If I haven't yet worked hom, the QRZer just lost a contact.
If he had given his call, I would have stayed parked on his frequency to
work him.

I like it when the QRZers help *me* increase *my* run rate by pushing
the S+Pers my way :-)


[1] This claim is based on non-scientific tests I did while operating
    CZ7Z (VE7ZZZ) during WPX/SSB several years ago. During "QRZ" mode I
    was running at around 180/hr. When I signed "CZ7Z" after each Q, the
    rate went to around 225/hr. About every fifth Q I gave the call
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