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Re: [CQ-Contest] Improper WPX Exchanges

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Improper WPX Exchanges
From: "4O3A" <yt6a@cg.yu>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 23:31:16 +0200
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I decided not to reply on posts any more, but it goes too much in wrong way 
and just because of beginners in contesting I want to replay once more.

Main point about 4O3A was first step to change contest approach in local HAM 
community and to show how easy everything can be open and transparent, and 
how broadcasting can help in many aspects - understanding competitors 
better, proving  and promoting fair play, listening and learning for lot of 
casual contesters and beginners. Instead to discuss that and to support and 
encourage others to do same, some of contesters focused on absolutely silly 

Why silly? First at all, as one world wide known contesters said, pile up is 
as human bean. You have to feel it, to be inside and to drive well to keep 
it high. Sometimes rhythm is very fast, sometimes slow. Stupidity about 
having some advantages in few thousand of seconds does not have any sense, 
as many times we regards our friends on air in the middle of contest, 
spending more time on completing QSO then necessary, or calling CQ more than 
one times. Not needed to be explain more.

Do not forget that contesting is just self-mazo wasting of time and sitting 
24/36 or even 48 hours by station is not  so easy. Nobody "normal" can't 
understand point of our hobby. But, once you enter in serious contesting, 
You have to find way to be On all the time..We all have different styles and 
technique to do that. In huge pileups I sometimes try to make is faster, 
sometimes I am "singing", sometimes slow down to keep beginners attention 
and to encourage them to call back, or something else. And at the end, goal 
is to have highest score possible and to make as much as can COMPLETE QSOs. 
It means that lines in both logs must match. Here we are?

We have to exchange something in contests- RS(T) plus NR for example. As all 
of us know that 59(9) is default value for RS(T)  is different is not sent. 
( someone's does not? ) Than sending only variable part of report is 
absolutely enough.  Both Ops will know that  report is 59 and they will fill 
QSO line correctly. If you ask any of them what RS(T) was, answer will be 
right. Not a big magic.
I understand that some of you will be more satisfied to hear FIVE NINE, 
don't you? What about FN, or %^#$#$, as shorter version of 59? Or silence? 
Or beck?? Or RST on 100 WPM on CW. You will copy that? Who care you will or 

To be silly as much as it start from beginning of that subject - in rules 
you do not have defined HOW RST should be send. You have to send it, anyhow. 
Beck  is one of ways, isn't it? Or silence? Why nor. In communication 
silence have the same value as noise, doesn't it?
In running pile ups we all can have our own styles and at the end we have to 
complete Qs correctly. That's all. If somebody do not understand RST value, 
have to ask for it to be sure. But even Novice will easily understand point 
and default value of RST.

And at the end I did contest absolutely fair play, sending Five Nine most of 
the time ( Uff, what a silly subject ), like singing well known song and 
broadcasting all contest to WW community with no idea how that can results 
with silly discussion like it is. Also I do not think that this reflector is 
established with goal to give right to anyone to blame whom like, telling 
easily words as cheating or so...

Many ugly comments I red here and I am a bit disappointed about behavior of 
some friends I met on air many times. K9NW said how he removed QSO with me 
from log and it something I am spellbound about. Could not believe, really?? 
But it's his right to do whatever he like. Also "adjectives" as cheating, DQ 
or similar are just speaking to me a lot about writers. Some of them are not 
contesters in soul, and never will bee, if they can spend hours and hours of 
listening and looking for stupidity, instead to enter contest seriously.

Once again, be focused on right things. As someone said, if this is only 
problem, than contesting is going in perfect way. At the end, if CC will DQ 
myself , let them do it. It will not make my feeling any worse. I do not 
thing that I did anything what even deserve to be criticized. My feeling is 
just opposite.

Over and see you in WPX CW. RST will be 100 WPM, but it will be. He.And 
broadcasting Live, also!

Ranko - 4O3A

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