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Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 16:01:55 -0400
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I wonder if anyone has done a complete analysis of the total cost, i.e.,
total emission involved in the manufacture, use, and disposal of CFL's
compared to incandescent bulbs?

It might work out as did one I recently saw for the total cradle to grave
emissions for the hybrid gas/electric cars.  Due to the raw material
extraction, manufacturing processes, recycling, and disposal of materials
for this type of auto, the total pollution emitted per car was greater than
that for the largest SUV.


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> No, give credit to environmentalists that insist that humans will
> become extinct in no time if we don't eliminate nearly every
> technological advance made since the industrial revolution.  Also give
> credit to the politicians that have bought into the same doomsday
> thinking.  Better stock up on those incandescent bulbs (and trans
> fats, and SUVs, and wine bottle corks, and disposable diapers, and
> styrofoam cups, and...) before they're all banned :-)

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