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Re: [CQ-Contest] May you work yourself at a remote?

To: Tom Haavisto <kamham69@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] May you work yourself at a remote?
From: Gerry Hull <gerry@yccc.org>
Reply-to: w1ve@yccc.org
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 13:57:29 -0500
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But, Tom, you could stay at home and participate as a member of the M/M via

Everyone looks at the downside -- there are so many positive sides.

W7RN has a huge station, but his ops live far away.  Via remote, they can
now staff the station.

Are contesters happy that the VY1AAA mult is available much more often in
contests?  I'd say that is a universal YES!

I would have been glad to let a single op do VY1AAA last weekend... but no
one came forward, and we wanted to put the mult on.
I don't even care if the score counts -- we just wanted to put the
multiplier on the air.

During WRTC/IARU RadioSport, we did have six stations in the same room.
Did we work each other?  You bet.  Not by passing "in the room",
For example, I was operating PR1T, and I found a spot for SK3W, and called
in like anyone else.  After the QSO, I did get a visual "thumbs up".
Nothing nefarious.

Yes, six ops could sit in the same room and operate from all continents --
and it would be fine -- but it would not look good,
especially if each op worked the other on six bands!.

You can think up lots of crazy scenarios to make remote look bad.  But,
today, top contesters are operating remotes
with no particular advantage (In fact, it can be pretty darn challenging).

By using remote, we are not trying to "game" the system... We are
overcoming barriers to get on the air.

The offer stands to anyone who is a good CW op (our preferred mode), and
has RemoteRig/Elecraft gear:  We need to increase
our operator team for VY1AAA.. the more we have it on, the better.  Contact
me if you are interested.

VY1AAA will be on for NAQP RTTY this weekend, W1UE operating.
We will be on for ARRL DX SSB as well.

73, Gerry W1VE

On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 10:03 AM, Tom Haavisto <kamham69@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Art
> Lets step back a bit, and see what is *technically possible - today*.
> A person could operate from all 40 zones in the CQWW - in one sitting, by
> connecting to 40 different stations and operating remote.
> Six ops - sitting in one room - could operate from six different continents
> - at the same time.  I think we can all see a bunch of red flags with this,
> but it is *technically* possible.
> A person could drive to a MM, and operate part of the contest.  Drive home,
> and operate from home, using his own call.
> The one way to address this would be: a person can only operate with one
> call/contribute to one station for the duration of the contest.
> This way, if you are operating remote - you are committed to that operation
> - for the duration of the contest.  New contest comes along - you are free
> to "move" to a different location.
> The downside is - drive to a MM, operate a few hours - you can't go home
> and operate...
> Just my two cents worth...
> Tom - VE3CX
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 5:05 PM, Art Boyars <artboyars@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think I broached this subject before, but got no significant response.
> > Conversation with some of the other op's at a M-M this past weekend, and
> > seeing W1VE's 3830score post for ARRL DX CW prompts me try again.
> >
> > Let's say I'm in Winnipeg for RAC Canada Day contest -- VE4VTR (me) and
> > VE4EA and a couple of other VE4 friends use VE4EA's station for a M-S
> > effort.
> >
> > Let's say that VE4EA also realizes his hope of a concurrent remote
> > operation -- say, part time -- of VY1AAA.  We're all in the same room.
> >
> > It sure would be easy for VE4VTR to know when/where to find VY1AAA. But
> > let's keep it honest.  'VTR will go after the YT mult only when it's
> > spotted, and 'AAA will not self-spot.
> >
> > So, 'VTR sees the spot, pounces on it, and calls VY1AAA.  The path is
> poor,
> > and copy is difficult, but thanks to ESP (and maybe copying the
> transformer
> > hum, like I used to do with my ARC-5) they make the QSO.
> >
> > Should that count?
> >
> > What if the remote worked only VE4VTR.  Is that not allpowed?  (I did not
> > ask "unethical".  This question is about the rules as they now stand.)
> >
> > What if I operate both the local station and the remote station myself
> for
> > the QSO?  Should that count?
> >
> > 73, Art K3KU
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